What is S&G?

It's good. Very good. Sorry.

Brittlestar and the prestigious Junction 56 Distillery teamed up in January 2021 to create the impossible.   A uniquely Canadian drink that would remind people of home...

After numerous tastings and mad-science level laboratory magic, the perfect balance was struck.  A pure Canadian vodka with a hint of butter tart.  Not too sweet and smooth af. 

Why S&G?

In 2017, Brittlestar created a video called 'Explaining Canada Day to Americans'.  In the video he states that "if you put sex and gold in a blender? You'd get a butter tart".  More than 65 Million people have watched that video.  

It was decided that S&G was a nice little inside joke.  Well... I guess you're on the inside now too.  Welcome.